ABOUT COMPANY - ORIGINAL HJ for exporting bulk dried Herbs, Spices & Seeds

ORIGINAL  Company is one of the Largest companies in Exporting Dehydrated  Agricultural Products in Egypt

ORIGINAL H.J Exports Herbs , Spices,  

ORIGINAL H.J Exports Plants Seeds , Oil Seeds & Ornamental Seeds .

The Best Quality and competitive price Until Delivery Port all over the world

ORIGINAL H.J Certificates :

* Organic issued Certificate of Inspection under European Standard

* Seeds Trading License

* ISO 9001 Certificate

 The Processing :

·       Auto Screening , Examination & Purification 100 %

             Reduce Wastes & Impurities to zero level .

·       Separation of colors 

·       Garbling & Sieving

·       Sterilization

       Steam sterilization for the Herb, Ethylene Oxide for the Powder in a sterilization chamber

·       Packaging ( Paper Bags Or Cartons ) & Shipping to the delivery port   .







Our Target is Our knowledge of herbs and drying techniques gives our herbs that extra added value .

It is much better to experience & Explore it yourself.

We aim towards long-term leadership in the Dried Technology in terms of income and profits, the dynamic launching of new Dried products and business expansion 


Quality Products , Quality labors , Quality Time , Quality services after selling , Quality Specifications 

Quality & Price is the two succss Wings 

Corporation develops, produces and promotes high quality and efficient of dried products for All  markets, to

Ensure healthy, long and productive lives of our customers



ORIGINAL HJ for exporting bulk dried Herbs, Spices & Seeds